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The FIFA Fan Prize, awarded for the first time in 2016, went to the fans of BVB and Liverpool FC because when they met in the UEFA Europa League in April 2016 together with their anthem "You'll Never Walk Alone" on the 27th anniversary of the Hillsborough – catastrophe expressed their solidarity. There are also a number of other fan songs, including "Borussia", "Olé, now comes the BVB" (played as the goal anthem in the stadium), "Light up, Borussia", "Born at Borsigplatz" or "You'll Never Walk Alone" and the Triumphal March from Aida (played as the players warm up onto the pitch), which have also been interpreted by various artists and are regularly played in the stadium. In 2004 and 2005, when Borussia Dortmund was going through its severe financial crisis, the song was briefly played in the ninth minute of a few home games and sung by the fans in the stadium during the game to the last line. In 2009, Dieter Falk composed the anniversary anthem "For 100 Years", which, as interpreted by the BVB Century Choir, reached number 80 in the German charts at the beginning of 2010. By taking part in the final against Brazil, he experienced a sporting highlight at the 2009 Confederations Cup, after playing a part in the 2-0 win over European champions Spain in the semi-final with a performance that earned him Man of the Match honors.

Already in the first game against Saudi Arabia it was only enough for a disappointing 2:2, and the half-time lead was also lost against Spain. Most of the time this change was made for financial reasons, as fewer referees are needed for football and less equipment has to be purchased for each player. On April 14, 2012, Fangesänge premiered, a production by the Dortmund Opera as a cooperation between the cultural enterprises of the city of Dortmund with private sector sponsors and the BVB 09 club. In Fangesänge, the various aspects of the football cult are examined, commerce, personality cult and quasi-religious consideration of football Events on the pitch on a stage design interpretation of Dortmund's famous south stand. This is mainly due to BVB's title wins after 1995 and the resulting behavior of some of the black and yellow fans, who appeared increasingly arrogant; Chants like "If we want, we'll buy you out" were commonplace. In Glasgow, BVB fans are equally warmly welcomed, except by supporters of Glasgow Rangers, the Celts' long-standing Old Firm rivals.

On August 11, 2017, the United Soccer League announced that the Las Vegas Lights would be joining the league beginning with the 2018 season. Since our documentary is still not allowed to be published, only Browder's version of the affair is known, which he successfully spread internationally. The song originally consists of four verses, of which only the first two are usually sung with the chorus. With further goals in the next four home games, he broke Alan Biley's club record from the 1982/83 season. During this time, his former club won the League Cup and he missed the victorious final as well as the FA Cup final for Portsmouth because he was not eligible to play in this competition. This results, on the one hand, from four meetings in international cup games, and on the other hand – and above all – due to players who were active and popular in both clubs, such as Murdo MacLeod and Paul Lambert. Only in the years after the Second World War did the rivalry between the two clubs grow with the successes of Borussia, and the district derbies emerged. The special rivalry is the reason why BVB and S04 are never granted home rights on the same day when the schedule is drawn up by the DFL. To commemorate their Good Friday 1945 groundskeeper Heinrich Czerkus, who was murdered by the Nazis, the fan club named after him organizes the so-called Heinrich Czerkus Memorial Run together with the Dortmund-Kreuzviertel fan project and BVB itself.

The text comes from Heinrich Kersten, who was the club's managing director for several years. In addition to professional actors and singers, specially cast BVB fans are also represented in the choir of fans, giving a realistic background to the events on the opera stage. From Dortmund's perspective, the final victory in the Westphalia championship in 1947 is seen as a turning point, after which BVB took over football supremacy in the Ruhr area with eight German championships. According to his bio, he beamed himself from his spaceship into the Home Depot Center on June 7, 2003. The contract with 1&1 is initially valid until June 2025. The intense part of the friendship ended after just a few years when there were massive riots at the two teams' last competitive game against each other (in the first round of the 1982/83 DFB Cup). Ultra groups Desperados Dortmund and Boyz Cologne have been closely linked since 2006 until the Boyz finally disbanded in spring 2018. He was released again at the end of 1334 or in the spring of 1335. The end of the friendship was initiated by HSV fans who felt they were not sufficiently supported by BVB fans at an away game in Gelsenkirchen in 1986. However, there is no real friendship between the fan groups. As early as the 1970s, a rather loose fan friendship developed between Borussia fans and those of Rot-Weiss Essen.

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