Konchesky Played 15 games for Nottingham

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Although the team was not really inferior to its opponent in any of the three games, success in the form of a win failed to materialize. Only his compatriot Miroslav Klose had previously managed to do this (2002 and 2006); the Peruvian Teófilo Cubillas also scored five goals in 1970 and 1978. After he made his national team debut due to his solid performances in the 2010 MLS season, he was supposed to start with the team in the North American SuperLiga the following year, but the tournament was canceled in March 2011 and tournament operations in this form were completely stopped. Japan, the hosts of recent title fights, were unable to repeat their performances in the Confederations Cup when they were narrowly eliminated in the group by Brazil. As expected, the USA had to settle for fourth place in a strong group. Croatia and Australia could have already scored a point against the favored Brazilians if they had evaluated their chances more consistently. Fabiano then headed in the 74th minute to make it 2-2. Ten minutes later, Lúcio's headed goal gave the Brazilians the lead that eventually sealed the game. However, it was remarkable that Australia were able to keep up with Italy for an unexpectedly long time and kept the score 0-0 until after the 90th minute, with the southern Europeans playing outnumbered for almost the entire second half.

From 1977 to 1980 he was in the main draw of the individual world championships three times. In the end, however, there was a 0-2 defeat and third place in the group. As was the case several times in previous years, the team again failed to advance in the competition in 2010 and was eliminated from the tournament early as third in Group A. However, since they also lost to Spain's B team, Saudi Arabia ended up with the expected last place in the group. Already in the first game against Saudi Arabia it was only enough for a disappointing 2:2, and the half-time lead was also lost against Spain. Spain already caused a bang in the first group game against the highly rated Ukraine. There, the Swiss shooters missed all three penalty kicks, so that Ukraine advanced to the quarter-finals. While the draw against Switzerland had been expected in the run-up to the tournament, the 1-1 draw against South Korea seemed to serve as final proof of an aging French team. The unnecessary 1:3 against Australia and the goalless draw against Croatia were followed by the defeat against Brazil. The 0:1 against Portugal was followed by a draw against Mexico, so that the Africans could even qualify for the round of 16 in the last game against Iran.

The team already needed a lot of trying against Togo to ultimately win somewhat happily against the Africans. The Africans performed particularly well against the strong Czechs and won 2-0. A draw against the USA in the last game would have been enough, but the 2-1 win meant that second place was easily achieved. As a result, they confidently reached first place in World Cup qualifying group 8 and secured participation in the World Cup with eight wins and two draws. That was only enough for third place in the group, which meant that the 1998 World Cup third place had already been eliminated in the group phase. This is the first time a team from Oceania has progressed through the group stage. In the last group game there was a success against the weakened insider tip from the Czech Republic, usmnt jersey so that the Italians were ultimately able to celebrate group victory. It was only in the fifth minute of added time that Francesco Totti converted a controversial penalty to give the Italians a 1-0 victory. In Italy's game against Ukraine, the Italians lived up to their role as favorites from the start.

A win in the decisive game was therefore necessary against Ukraine. It was only in the last game against Angola that the men around Ali Daei and Ali Karimi were able to achieve a draw – but compared to expectations, it was far too little. In a game between Switzerland and Ukraine that was very defensive on both sides, the penalty shootout decided who would advance after a goalless draw. An unfortunate 1-0 draw with Brazil was followed by a missed penalty in a goalless draw with Japan and a narrow 2-2 draw with Australia. Japan consequently came bottom of the group. The team's outstanding playing culture was only evident in the second half against Japan; before that, safety and result management dominated. After a slow start, Argentina took a 1-0 lead at the start of the second half. Mexico was also able to keep up with Argentina for a long time and took a 1-0 lead early on. In the second half, Squadra Azzurra was able to extend their lead to a clear 3-0. Shortly thereafter, the USA won the 2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup, where defending champions Mexico played without the Confederations Cup players. Against both Mexico and Portugal, the Iranians fell behind in the second half due to defensive weaknesses, and both games were consequently lost.

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